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Student enrolments for 2024

We're thrilled to announce that The Younity School will be welcoming its inaugural student intake in Term 3, 8 July 2024!
We will be offering places for 45 students in Years 7, 8 and 9—with one class of 15 students in each year level. Expressions of interest (EOI) for student enrolment will open 15 April 2024.
Phased growth appraoch
At The Younity School, we are embarking on an exciting journey of growth and development. Initially, our focus is on laying a strong foundation with one class each for Years 7, 8 and 9. This approach allows us to foster an inclusive and supportive environment, ensuring individual attention and a tailored educational experience for each student.
Over the next four years, as we build our campus and our capacity, we will progressively expand our year levels and classes. By 2028, we plan to offer Year 5 through to Year 9 to support a total of 120 young people on their unique paths to success.
Your path to enrolment
The Younity School opening has been met with overwhelming interest from our community, and we anticipate that we won't have space for all students and families who express an interest in enrolling in 2024.
We have carefully designed our enrolment process so that we can assess whether The Younity School will be the right fit for students and their families who apply.

Enrolment and eligibility

Who can enrol at the younity school?

The Younity School is an independent special assistance school for students who:
- have complex, often multiple, learning and social support needs;
- experience educational disadvantage; or
- are disengaged, or are at risk of disengaging, from their learning.

There are a range of reasons a young person may not be thriving at their current school—from specific mental health and learning challenges to experiencing bullying or simply not fitting in. No matter the reason, all expressions of interest for enrolment that meet the eligibility criteria will be considered.

What are the enrolment eligibility criteria for 2024?

Students commencing at The Younity School in July 2024 must meet the following criteria. The student:
- is between 12 and 15 years of age at the time of application,
- has completed Year 6 or equivalent,
- is disengaged or at high risk of disengaging from school, 
- can provide a professional referral in support of their application.

For varying reasons, not all eligible students who apply for enrolment may be accepted—for those students and their families, we will discuss support options to explore your next steps.

How does the enrolment process work?

There are 4 stages for enrolment at The Younity School.

Stage 1:
Check student eligibility:
- take our short eligibility quiz.
-  read the eligibility policy.

If you believe the student meets the eligibility requirements move to next stage. 

Stage 2:
Complete the Enrolment Expression of Interest (EOI) online, or download a copy here.

The Principal will review the information provided and contact you to discuss your EOI.  If your enrolment is progressing, you will move to the next stage. If not, you will be offered support to consider alternative options. 

Stage 3:
The student and their family/carer will be invited to attend a face-to-face interview with the Principal. You will be required to provide a professional referral for the student, complete a detailed enrolment form and provide supporting information.

The Principal will review all enrolment applications to ensure the eligibility criteria has been met and to assess whether The Younity School will be the right fit environment for the applicant and their family. For varying reasons, not all eligible students who apply for enrolment may be accepted. The school will support these students and families to explore other options. 

Stage 4:
If accepted, your enrolment will be confirmed and you will receive an offer of enrolment letter outlining the orientation details for the student.

If a student is homeschooled or enrolled in other educational programs, can they also be enrolled at The Younity School?

Yes, they can apply for enrolment at The Younity School. 

At The Younity School, we recognise that each student has unique learning and support needs and we know that there are many ways in which these needs can be met.

We are always happy to work with students and families in complement with other educational programs to support them to engage meaningfully with their learning and develop positive pathways for the future.

Who can refer a student to The Younity School?

Students can refer themselves to The Younity School, or they can be referred by their parents/carers, their current school, a community organisation or referring agency.

how can i book a school tour?

The Younity School will hold regular open days. Please subscribe for updates about our school news and events.