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At Younity we are specific and intentional about the services and programs we offer—we want to be at the very leading edge, investing our time and efforts into activities that make a genuine impact for our communities.

Doing this requires a commitment to research and development work that is creative and contributes to the discovery of knowledge and the development of new and significantly improved programs and services.

At Younity, we don’t just monitor and evaluate current programs to improve efficiency and effectiveness against pre-determined KPIs. Our research and development work expands beyond prescribed approaches so that we can fuel innovation, provide a platform for the exchange of information and push our collective understanding beyond its current limitations.

We work to understand the nuts and bolts of how programs get results, who they are best suited to and under what conditions are they effective—so that we develop a deeper collective knowledge of who experiences success and why.

We are committed to investing our time, money and expertise into technologies and partnerships that undertake rigorous inquiry into all our work. Our programs and service delivery methods are outcome-focused and evidence-based. Our work uses and contributes to, approaches that have undergone thorough testing and evaluation to ensure they are used in the right conditions to achieve the best possible outcomes. And we actively seek to collaborate with organisations and partners who are open to networking, discussing best practices, and sharing important information and research results.

Publications & reports
2022 Annual Report
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2021 Annual Report
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2020 Annual Report
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2019 Annual Report
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2018 Annual Report
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Banding Together at Endeavour - Evaluation Report
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