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Supporting choices
Enriching lives

We exist to support our communities to be healthy, happy and to thrive.

Connecting Communities

We create opportunities for children, young people, individuals and families to come together, recognise their strengths, and grow as a community.

We work deeply within, and as part of, our community—making connections, holding space, building relationships, creating change and delivering innovative programs, resources and support.

Younity has grown from our rich connections in Deception Bay to working with communities across the Moreton Bay region and beyond.

We combine our deep commitment to strengths-based community development with emerging models of social sustainability and social protection to ensure our communities are equipped to respond to future opportunities and challenges.

services & support

We believe that successful strengths-based community development goes hand-in-hand with practical, on-the-ground services, resources and support.

We work collaboratively with community stakeholders and service partners to offer innovative programs that provide opportunities for people to come together to create vibrant, connected, healthy and thriving communities.

Social Enterprises

We invest in innovative enterprises that contribute to our local identity, grow our community’s resources and promote community-centred outcomes.

With social purpose at their heart, our social enterprises work across a range of industries and aim to—

  • Create local employment opportunities
  • Deliver accessible products and services that meet community needs
  • Generate profits that can be wholly reinvested in the enterprise to help it grow, evolve and provide more opportunities.
Our Partners
Our Partners
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Celebrate NAIDOC 2022

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Welcome to Younity—our new brand

Welcome to Younity—our new brand

We are honoured to grow with our community and today we are proud and excited to share our new branding. Find out more about what’s changing and what’s not.