We are Younity

We exist to support our communities to be healthy, happy and to thrive.

At Younity, we work alongside children, young people, individuals and families to provide the connections, support, access, skills, knowledge and opportunities they need to have a fair go at life.

Through our programs, services and support we address the drivers of exclusion and disadvantage in our community—so that individuals can make the very best choices for themselves and their families.

And we promote education, employment, innovation, wellbeing, diversity and inclusion so that our communities thrive.

We deliver our services alongside our communities.

Our programs, services and support are designed collaboratively with our communities. And we work to make meaningful connections and add value to our communities.

We see the whole person.

We recognise that all people and communities have the capacity to be healthy, happy and to thrive. We’re here to provide opportunities for people to find practical solutions and access education and support that will help them navigate their challenges and empower them to have agency in all aspects of life.

We see the whole life.

We understand that wellbeing barriers are systemic, multiple, complex, and often change as we move through life. Sustainable community growth requires a shared understanding of these barriers and collective responses that suit individuals and families—no matter what stage of the journey they’re at.

We work collaboratively.

We work together with service partners to share knowledge, skills, resources and best practices. And deliver the kind of high-quality services, support and programs that work to create positive outcomes for our communities.

We want the best for our communities.

We source and deliver quality, relevant, evidence-based services, programs and support that we know will have a positive impact on our communities. And we make the most of digital technology to ensure lifelong learning, personal development and community engagement are accessible and available to all people—whenever and wherever they need it.

We’re always looking for new and better ways to do what we do.

We collect and use data from our community to evolve our practices and contribute to research. So that we can better understand and meet our communities’ needs. Through consultation with experts, collaboration with partners, and feedback from our communities we continue to improve how we deliver support.

We work in multiple ways.

We deliver programs, services and support in our communities both onsite and online. And we draw on a variety of approaches including—

  • Strengths-based community development
  • Relationship-based practices
  • Positive and strengths-based psychology
  • Coaching
  • Mentoring
  • Digital, cloud-based education and training programs
  • Art- and adventure-based practices

Our organisational culture

Younity is a not-for-profit limited company with charity status. We are a registered NDIS provider, HSQF accredited, Child Safe organisation, with an extensive history of delivering relevant, accessible services within our communities.

We’re powered by a diverse team of experienced and talented people united in our mission to support our communities to be healthy, happy and to thrive.

We encourage, support and celebrate diverse voices and experiences in everything that we do. We also work to be visible and effective allies that create safe spaces where all people feel supported to bring their whole selves to our workplace and services.

We have high expectations of our people, our services and the outcomes we work with our communities to achieve. We hold each other accountable to achieving our collective mission. But we know that being professional doesn’t mean we can’t also enjoy the work and even have a little fun. We provide a supportive team environment with a focus on health and wellbeing, effective relationships, emotional intelligence and resilience in the face of change. An environment where all staff are empowered to have a voice in matters of mental wellbeing, physical health and safety in our organisation.

Finally, we are committed to our learning and to growing the skills of our team through continued professional development. And we acknowledge, reward and celebrate the personal and professional growth of our team.