Our organisation has been changing and evolving for many years and today we are proud and excited to announce our new name, new website and new branding.

We are Younity.

Our name is changing from Deception Bay Community Youth Programs Inc. (DBCYP) to Younity Community Services Ltd.

The changes we have made to our name and external branding better reflect you—our community. They also keep in step with who we are as an organisation today and our aspirations for the future.

Everyone is welcome here. You are a valued member of our commYOUnity and YOUnity is here for you.

You might not know it but you were involved in this change! Every single person in our community has influenced how our organisation has changed and evolved since we opened our doors in 1994.

We are excited to share this with you and to continue to grow alongside you.

Read on to find out more about this change.

Local focus, global awareness

Younity has grown from our rich connections in Deception Bay to working, collaborating and partnering with communities across the Moreton Bay region and beyond.

While we have continued to deepen our roots in DBay we have also developed a regional, and even global, awareness as an organisation. 

We understand that our community is impacted by, and plays an important role in, the broader world around us. To bring about systemic change we recognise that we must work beyond the geographic borders of Deception Bay.

With Moreton Bay the fastest-growing local government authority in Australia, Younity is instrumental in bringing a region-wide understanding and response to the social and economic challenges faced by our communities. We collaborate with regional decision-makers and service partners to deliver onsite and online programs and support our communities to be healthy, happy and to thrive.

Onsite and online

For many years we have worked to develop new ways to work with our communities.

We embrace digital engagement and online service delivery alongside our local, onsite and in-person programs. And we make it easier for people in our communities to access the support, services and programs they need—any time and from any location. 

A sustainable future

We look forward to continuing our work in our communities and leading the way in strategic community service responses—combining our deep commitment to strengths-based community development with emerging models of social sustainability and social protection to ensure our communities are equipped to respond to future opportunities and challenges.

What’s changing

New name

Our name is changing from DBCYP to Younity. 

For many years, everyone in our community has been able to find support, programs and services through our organisation, not just youth.  More recently, we have also worked beyond the borders of Deception Bay and into the broader Moreton Bay region through a combined onsite and online service and support model.

Our new name better reflects our organisation’s reach and scope. 

It also better reflects the people of our commYOUnity—YOU!

New brand

We are rolling out new colours, new imagery and a whole new look and feel for our organisation.

This new brand allows us to celebrate the diversity of our community and reflects our focus on what is strong (and not what is wrong).

New website and social media channels

Find and follow us at—

What’s not changing

We will continue to engage and work with the Deception Bay community—to deepen our roots and support our communities locally while thinking globally.

The quality of our programs, our commitment to creating a sustainable future for our organisation and the way we hear, respond and work with people and partners will continue.

Our Youth Services, Local Pathways to Work and Children and Young Families program streams aren’t going anywhere. The fantastic programs and services that you know and love will also continue.

As will our brilliant board, directors and staff.

And you can still find our physical offices at 420 Deception Bay Road, Deception Bay QLD 4508.

What next

We have so many exciting things planned and are always working on our programs and services. 

You can get notified when we have updates, new stuff to share or invites to events by signing up to our email list.

You can also follow us here—

Need help?

If you need help navigating our new website or finding the information you need please feel free to call us on (07) 3204 0277.

If you have feedback about these changes you can submit it to yourthoughts@younity.org.au.